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Frolic Labs is bringing back the nostalgia of 80’s synthwave with new music and missions on ITCH.IO!

Toronto, Canada, November 25th, 2020 - Canadian developers, Frolic Labs, return players to their side-scrolling adventure game, Dune Sea with three all-new, all-neon, handcrafted levels. Available today on Itch.IO, the new Neon Sea DLC is included free to all Dune Sea owners. These new Neon Sea levels made their debut recently when Dune Sea launched on Switch.

In Dune Sea, you’ll guide a migrating bird through twelve beautifully crafted landscapes while collecting items and avoiding predators on your journey home. Completing the story unlocks the new Neon Sea DLC which teleports the goose to a parallel dimension with Tron-like neon aesthetics and matching synthwave tracks.

Dune Sea also features original game music composed by Jake Butineau! Each level comes with it's own distinct theme, creating a unique and atmospheric experience each time you take flight.

Want to take some tunes on the go? The original soundtrack is now available for purchase on BandCamp.


Dune Sea is available now on Itch.io, the Nintendo eShop and Steam for $9.99 USD.


Dune Sea for Windows 269 MB
Version 7 Nov 25, 2020

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