Dune Sea Localization is Live

We Speak Your Language!

Our team has been working on localizing the game use interface and translating all game contents. The latest patch brings the long waited international release, together with more bug fixes and enhancements.

We are happy to inform that Dune Sea is now localized in 11 different languages, so you can enjoy playing Dune Sea in your native language.
See full list of languages on the game store page.

Other fixes include:

  • Easier menu navigation
  • Improved Landing mechanics
  • Geysers will show puffs of steam just before erupting

To welcome our international fans, Dune Sea will be on Sale: 25% off for the next 7 days.

Full release notes are available on the web page here:


Dune Sea for Windows 269 MB
Version 3 Nov 27, 2019

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